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Dr. Cam Ngoc (Kathy) T. Dong.

Leading WOmen Dentist, Owner

“To be able to treat patients every day is a great honor that gives my life meaning and purpose”
Top Dentists Features in Houston Magazine 2022
Advanced Pinhole clinician 2022
Top Dentist Houstonia 2022
Leading Women Trophy Award from Living Magazine
Top Dentists Trophy Award
Best Cosmetic Dentist Trophy Award
Top Docs Trophy Award from Living Magazine

Customers reviews ★★★★★

Best dentist office I have ever been associated with.
These guys really care! And they do what they do with excellence and creativity!
Mila Kunis
"Cam Ngoc is brilliant! She transformed my smile and it has changed my life!"
Mike Sendler
"We love it! So honest and down to earth! A dying breed in the world of dentistry!"
Adam Sendler
They are always professional, on time and courteous.
So grateful for the new Quest Care Membership. Almost fun! 😉

The Favour Dental: Cam Ngoc Dong, DDS review summary

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5on Google,Apr 20, 2023


My experience was awesome they do a great work the staffs are really nice with you 👍

5on Google,Apr 14, 2023


I love this place I’ve been coming for almost 3 years and I can say that they don’t wast time to get to work they have an amazing group of people that are very welcoming

5on Google,Apr 10, 2023


Wonderful service from reception. Dr. Dong is an excellent professional. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get their treatment done for a fair price.

5on Google,Apr 10, 2023


Unique experience. From reception to dr, everyone was very nice.

5on Google,Apr 10, 2023


Great dental service and very friendly stuff. Dr really care about patient' dental health. They always take time to explain everything and answer all the questions. Plus, the office is very clean, Highly recommended.

5on Google,Apr 09, 2023


Due to not wearing my retainers like I was told to after finishing my ortho, my teeth ended up shifting. I went to see how long I would have to wear braces again to fixe the issue. Luckily I got the option to do invisalign and within 4 months my teeth are back to where they should be, I could even say they are even better! I feel like my bite is more comfortable. So glad I found the Favour Dental.

5on Google,Apr 09, 2023


Pain-free! I experienced the best dental care around with The Favour Dental today! I highly recommend this dentist to anyone looking for a new dentist.

5on Google,Apr 09, 2023


I recently visited The Favour Dental for a root canal and I must say it was an amazing experience. The staff was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating

5on Google,Apr 09, 2023


I am so happy with my experience at The Favour Dental. I was able to get my wisdom teeth removed at a reasonable price and with no pain.

5on Google,Apr 09, 2023


I was referred to the Favour Dental to take a CBCT because my dentist didn't have the machine to check if my bone was healthy enough to do an implant. Upon checking my CBCT, Dr. Dong gave me the option to save my tooth if I didn’t want to do an implant yet. I was shocked! I didnt know there was a procedure called apicoectomy that could save my tooth, I thought I had to extract it and place an implant because it was pretty mobile. Dr. Dong checked the prognosis and she was confident that she could save the tooth, so of course I opted for my tooth to be rescued. after Dr. Dong performed the apicoectomy, cleaned up any infection with her laser she placed bonegraft material in to secure it. 6 months later and my tooth is still there and not mobile any more! Thank you so much Dr. Dong!

5on Google,Apr 08, 2023


I have been a patient at the Favour Dental for a few years now and I wont go anywhere else! The office is always updating and keeping current with the latest in Dentistry. My implants that I got 3 years ago are still going strong, never had any issues with them whatsoever.

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