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The Favour Dental offers a wide range of treatments, all under one roof.



Pressure from grinding, chewing/biting hard foods, trauma to the mouth, untreated cavities, drastic temperature change in the mouth (eating something hot and then drinking cold water), age (typically people over 50)

Mouth guards (grinding/sports), avoid chewing and biting hard foods as well as eating habits that has a drastic temperature change.
Filling cavities, placing a crown, bonding, root canal, extraction

Having Dental Problems?

At The Favour Dental, we are here to help create a beautiful smile for you. We understand that every situation is unique and we will customize our approach to assure you are able to smile comfortably and confidently. Below are some of our most common causes for visits, to schedule an appointment, please go to our contact page to request your appointment.


“If you’re afraid of the dentist, this is the place to go because the team here does everything in their power to make you comfortable.”

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